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There are a lot of reasons to book a boudoir session:

– to celebrate an anniversary or a gift for your wedding night

-documenting a new chapter in your life

-memorializing your body the way it is now.

But our favorite reason is to


Arizona Boudoir Photographer

To reconnect with who you are, to heal from past traumas, or just to acknowledge that, right now, are enough, you are sexy, and you are powerful. A boudoir session doesn’t have to be a gift for a spouse, they can be a gift for you, and the confidence and empowerment you will experience after your session will last long after the session is over. Don’t be surprised if your new confidence changes your life – and you deserve it!

“The past two years have been so hard for me as they have been for most people. I have been struggling with mental illness and excessive stress throughout all of the pandemic. I was really trying to start celebrate me and being myself again.”
“Before my boudoir session, I felt the biggest mix of excitement and nerves! While I was nervous about my insecurities, I had a feeling Jennifer would be able to capture at least a FEW shots I loved. I definitely wasn’t wrong.”
Miss Kelly
California Plus Size Boudoir
intimate portrait of woman in black and white
“My boudoir session made me feel like a model! I was treated from start to finish, given the best advice for lingerie, and taught how to do all the best moves. It made me feel like a goddess.”
Miss Lila
My Advice to Others: “DO IT! Whatever insecurity or excuses you have, Jennifer will whisk it away with a flick of her magic wand (it's totally magic, right?). She makes it affordable, she makes you look HOT, she counsels and teaches you on everything you need to know or do to prepare, she will take the best shots to hide anything you don’t like.Just do it and let Jennifer show you the badass babe you are!”
Miss Veronica

Boudoir Healing Starts the Moment You Book Your Consult

Healing with boudoir is not just about the actual session but about the journey that allows clients to see their own beauty and power through the whole process. The boudoir healing starts from the moment you schedule your initial consult and continues long after you leave our studio. 

Interested in booking your own session? We would love to chat with you! 


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